25/05/2018 - 9pm
Auditorium Piazza Libertà, Bergamo


15€ FULL, 12€ REDUCED, 10€ SPECIAL REDUCED YOUNG AND DANCE (University students, students of dance schools, children 6-18 years)




The project springs from a free interpretation of Nobel prizewinner José Saramago's novel Cain. In the Portuguese author's short story Cain, having killed Abel, is branded on his forehead by God and condemned to wander for ever in time and space. His is the journey of humanity, from sensual love to destruction, sacrifice and Law.
In this work the action is set in Quantique, a place suspended between a café chantant and a mind space in which the normal flow of time, the unrolling of space and the consequentiality of events are cancelled. Here biblical episodes come to life, as in other numbers, leaving the pages to enter the dancers' bodies. In as giddy, coarse and mocking a journey as that accomplished by Saramago, the bodies become the centre and the prime mover of the action on stage, through imaginations, references and various codes, giving life to a bible-themed rhapsody which, in Quantique, becomes a sort of freak show, a review of irregulars, a place in which the tensions, contradictions and neuroses of contemporary man are crossed through as in a catharsis.

Cain is Amartés, he who gets it wrong, who misses the target, but who through his errors launches an appeal to all humanity: if it is still possible to be filled with feelings of the sacred, it can only be by challenging God, not only the God of the old testament, but above all the Gods of data, of virtual reality, of the banks, which squeeze our conscience in a bloodless acceptance of things. This is only possible by starting again from the body, with its instances and reprimands, from its being in time and space, always in an eternal instant.