Choreography: Luciano Padovani
Musics: Piazzolla, Di Sarli, Pugliese, Calo, Canaro, Bardi, Speranza
Costumes  Le Chat Noir Lumières Pablo Luz
A Naturalis Labor production with Mibact / Regione Veneto / Comune di Vicenza / Arco Danza


24/05/2018 - 8pm
Salone delle feste di Bigio, San Pellegrino Terme (Bg)

TICKETS:  €28 (dinner included)



Today, tango moves your nerve, impassions you, woes you, …it is definitely alive and it is the real and vivid story of every day life.
Tango Divino is a game of seduction veiled by nostalgia, interwoven looks and gentle touches, a languid abandon and a sudden impulse, all in a choreography that thrills and captures the audience


Two bodies unite in a shudder of passion. This is the illusion that tango gives us in a play of legs that entwine in hooks and half-moons, of feet that draw matching semicircles on the milonga floor, of heads facing off in a single profile. Passiontango is a game of seduction veiled with nostalgia, an intertwining of glances and fleeting touches, between languid abandon and sudden burst of movement, all combined in tango choreographies which can inflame and thrill the audience.
After the show Bigio's buffet and a chat with the company. And then milonga with the Naturalis Labor dancers.