NATIONAL DEBUT– coproduction Festival Danza Estate, Naturalis Labor

in collaboration with Comune di Bergamo e Fondazione Teatro Donizetti

(opening LUCYLAB EVOLUZIONI "Cartoline dal corpo")


Direction and Choreography Silvia Bertoncelli
Assistant Paolo Ottoboni

Dancers Silvia Bertoncelli, Valentina Dal Mas,
Paolo Ottoboni, Stefano Roveda

Set designer Silvia Bertoncelli, Paolo Ottoboni

Light design Claudio Modugno, Silvia Bertoncelli

A Naturalis Labor production
Co Produced Festival Danza Estate 2018

with the support of Mibact / Regione Veneto / Comune di Vicenza / Arco Danza


29/6/18 - 9pm
Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, Città Alta

18€ FULL, 15€ REDUCED, 10€ SPECIAL REDUCED YOUNG AND DANCE (University students, students of dance schools, children 6-18 years)



Exercising a right to be in the shade, to not being burned by steadily extorted exposure
and productivity. Becoming idle in the cool of a garden. Familiarize yourself there and rest. Thus,
becoming ambiguous, turning sinister. Exploring the shadows that the garden’s shelter allows us to project: those of the time fallen to us, those of our embodiment. Living them. And then sinking into this passion until you sense the possibilità of loving it. And feeling that perhaps just in this way the heart could become gentle, hence love transparent.





LUCYLAB EVOLUZIONI "Cartoline dal corpo"

Postcards from the body
For the duration of a kitchen timer the audience, within the set rules of the game, gradually become authors, directing the dancer's choices with their words.
Postcards from the body is a shared experience: from movement to words and back to movement, the aim of the game is to create a score made up of the words thought by the body of all the participants, the exclusive and unique product of the spark that is the meeting of those people in that time and place.