In collaboration with Comune di Ponteranica, Associazione Rostoratori di Ponteranica

23/6/18 - 5pm
Bopo Coffe & Music Live, via Concordia 6/a - Ponteranica (Bg)



Street theatre show inspired by the famous story “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. The square turns into an enchanted world, fascinating and surprising.
The White Rabbit has lost sight of Alice and doesn't know where to find her, his swirling and funny dance, with the rhythm of a break-dance, will astound the audience. His friend the Mad Hatter joins him in the search for Alice.
The Mad Hatter and White Rabbits' complicity, together with the audience, leads to the creation of a party to celebrate finding her. The party will turn into an acrobatic non-birthday-party, where dance, aerial acrobatics, juggling, soap bubbles, songs and break-dance all mix together to animate a merry-go-round of funniness and movement.