In collaboration with Comune di Bergamo e Fondazione Teatro Donizetti

(OPENING O’Cipher Company "Clan – studio" - preview)


Concept and direction        Marisa Ragazzo
Choreographies            Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani
Dancers            Omid Ighani, Samar Khorwash, Alessandro Marconcini, Serena Stefani, Claudia Taloni, Tiziano Vecchi
Light design            Giuseppe Filipponio
Music                Swod, Maya Beiser, Loscil, René Aubry, Hazmat Modine, Woven Hand
Sound editing            Omid Ighani, Marisa Ragazzo e Samar Khorwash
With the support of    Centro Danza Canal / Teatros del Canal Madrid and Compagnia Naturalis Labor


22/6/18 - 9pm
Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, Città Alta

18€ FULL, 15€ REDUCED, 10€ SPECIAL REDUCED YOUNG AND DANCE (University students, students of dance schools, children 6-18 years)



The first place to go in the morning and the last place to visit before to go to sleep.
A transit zone, sometimes lively or lonely, yet always full of smells, memories, feelings, expectations and endless abeyances.
It’s a thick and scented life-long relationship, made of coffee, basil and cumin, flowing and familiar noises, room that has been learned by heart and, above all, strong as emperors, the words.
The room of the words, they come out of the mouth like whirling dervishes, able to dodge, gently touching or stick like blades.
They stay there, suspended for years, almost becoming a heritage, they flow in every hole and often they are the memories of the families.
Kitchen is the choosen room to plunge one’s teeth and senses in cherished nourishments, but mostly, it is the place where to talk.
Words. Words. Copious as grains of rice, words are all necessary to say the same thing in many different ways and yet they’re too few to make it.
It 'a theatrical novel.



OPENING O’Cipher Company "Clan – studio" - preview


The Clan performance is a production inspired by the debut disk, with the same name, of the hip-hop duo OTU. Each of the tracks in the work is dedicated to a real person, whose voice is reworked and fitted in a precise auditory context. This set of people comprise the Clan. Over this sound track, two hip-hop dancers translate the Clan universe into movement, bringing out shared and controversial elements among the members, giving physical form to the psychedelic and scratchy sound.