Cie Woest


In collaboration with TTB Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo

2/6/18 - 11am and 7pm (in case of rain: 3/6/18 - 6pm)
Città Alta from Chiostro del Carmine, Bergamo


FREE (2€ OFFERED BY TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo)



A presentation of the Cie. Woest
Woest is the combined choreographic and performative powers of Manon Avermaete and Paulien Truijen. Woest have in recent years built a respectable fan base within the world of street and location theater. Woest brings dance theater with a touch of absurdity in into public space, which gives its audience a fresh and new experience of their own environment.

The hard pavement tiles, the unpredictability of the weather and the audience does not prevent them doing exactly what they would do in the dance studio. Spicy choreographies filled with floor and partner work, as well as physical risk enthrall the viewer. The outside world is seen as one large stage, and an unending source of inspiration.

A short presentation of the performance
It’s a story coloured by absurd interactions and intriguing characters. A performance on the border between theatre and dance, between humour and tragedy. Equipped with a music box in your hands, Woest takes you on a journey from an apparently normal situation all the way to an absurd one. You’ll change from spectator to witness to accomplice. Be careful not to get yourself in trouble!