17/6/18 - 10.30am
BICYCLE LANE Greenway, Bergamo

7€ FULL, 5€ REDUCED, 5€ SPECIAL REDUCED YOUNG AND DANCE (University students, students of dance schools, children 6-18 years)




A soul of steel (the frame), elegant curves (the steering mechanism), sequential movements provided by the transmission and a truth on each side: the wheels.
To dance the Great War Arearea needs a bicycle. Ruedis _ ruote di confine is a traveling/itinerant show organised in four scenes set in different places.
On frames from the early 1900s and urged on by live music of futuristic inspiration, Arearea takes the praise of dynamism, that has pushed the whole world straight into war, to extremes. Exaltation, patriotism and glory have overwhelmed millions of human beings. The six Arearea dancers seek, in that racket, the assertion of life, the beauty of a meeting with another, peace.

“To us the bicycle seemed the perfect historical hook for dealing with the Great War. We could collect old family stories around it, those that each of us carries inside, and at the same time, using vintage cars, recall life live, for instance giving the Bersaglieri their pedals back. We didn't want to create a choreography that was a vector of style, we thought rather of a folk dimension, an almost circus-like inspiration. The dynamism of those spinning wheels matches our conception of dance in the urban setting, while allowing us to borrow inspiration from those artists who in the 1910s perceived the imminent tensions of the conflict and transferred it into their works: the historical avant-garde which developed in parallel with the War. There is much of our Friuli – most explicitly in the title – and in a few moments this deep root emerges as folk dances, which we have studied in detail. But what is markedly from Friuli is the project, because this is where it wants to grow and evolve.”
Marta Bevilacqua