Annamaria Ajmone / Francesco Colaleo


In collaboration with TTB Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo

9/6/18 - 9.30pm
Chiostro del Carmine, Città Alta, Bergamo


15€ FULL, 10€ REDUCED, 10€ SPECIAL REDUCED YOUNG AND DANCE (University students, students of dance schools, children 6-18 years)




concept and dance        Annamaria Ajmone
music                Palm Wine
technical direction        Giulia Pastore             
production                     CAB 008
with the support of               Regione Toscana, MiBACT
co-production      Cango / Umano - Cantieri internazionali sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza
in collaboration with                Teatro della Toscana

Trigger is a movable system, that organises itself differently according to the location where it’s being hosted. The system reshapes the geometry of the spaces and, vice versa, the space itself transforms the performance action.
The choreographic score, developing in the inside and outside of the perimeter of a rectangle inscribed in the venue, is constituted of pre-established units of movement, which are arranged with one another in instantaneous ways. The audience is seated along the sides of the rectangle, so as to share the scenic space with the performance.
Trigger is a personal exploration that, for a limited period of time, aims at transforming a space into a “place”. This becomes a shelter, a crossing point and the nest of a body that, in a state of perpetual listening, amplifies the spaces which are internal and external to itself.

Trigger  is a part of choreographic project Arcipelago.




Francesco Colaleo
with Francesco Colaleo e Maxime Freixas
music: AA. VV.
duration: 20 min

production Compagnia Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei

in collaboration with ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo, Micadanse (Parigi), Tersicorea T.Off, Cie Propos/Studio Lucien, Residenza Idra, Teatro Akropolis, Espace 13, Anticorpi XL

« When we are still young, he confuses his voice with ours, and of the two children who run and, in fun, wrestle and, together always, feel fear and hope, who exult and weep, one heartbeat alone can be heard, one cry, one whimper. »
The Eternal Child - Giovani Pascoli

Re-Garde is a contemporary dance performance that explores the sense of sight: a look at things knowing how to ironically have fun with life, a pure and innocent dimension. To observe as a Pascolian child, free of any conditioning and free to express and affirm itself. Two men on the stage, mirror of their projections, they are ready to suffer or receive, to give and to take, to be manipulated, provoked, abandoned. The body is controlled and alerted like the look, but it also enjoy moments of relaxation and breathing. A hypothetical and absurd dark theme that admits the existence of a nicer color than black is, close to the sphere of human and carnal view of life in modern times. Alternating between opposite binomials allows you to cross the boundaries that separate youth from old age, in a suspended time between gesture and poetry